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Conservation is paramount. All our products are bi products of our work to preserve and enhance the woodland ecology.



A "Pimp" is a traditional handmade product that was in great demand in the past. It contains 25 individual bundles of kindling, each tightly bound with tarred string. Each bundle can start up to 2-3 fires, depending on the fuel and kindling you use.


Pimp making is a traditional craft, which we continue to keep alive in this Herefordshire woodland using hand tools and jigs based on centuries old designs.


The birch is cut in the winter and seasoned for a year before being used. It is full of natural oils, which makes it easy to light whilst giving out a lovely scent.

Gate hurdles


Cleft chestnut gate hurdles, a traditional hurdle made with mortice and tenon. Prices vary according to size and no. of rails.


hazel screens


Made to order panels of cleft chestnut frame with woven hazel infill - £4.50/sq ft

woven hazel fencing


Hazel fencing woven in situ round cleft chestnut stakes £5/sq ft



Bundles of coppice twigs 2ms x 300mm. Mostly used for riverbank restoration - £7



1 ½“ approx dia at the butt end, 8-9ft long can be any species, not necessarily straight  - £1 each. Normally sold in bundles of 10.





5-6ft high very branchy, flat, fan shaped hazel (sometimes elm) 40p each normally sold in bundles of 25



weaving rods


1-1 ½ “ dia butt end, 10ft + long, hazel straight and smooth £1.25 each, 20 rods = 16 sq ft of woven area



thin hazel


for weaving garden projects: ½ “ approx dia butt end 6 – 10 ft long – 65p each



thin twiggy hazel


for weaving garden projects: ½ “ approx dia at the butt end, 6 – 10 ft long, £1 each





approx 2” dia at butt end 5- 6 ft long, straight, mixed species





¾  - 1” approx dia at the butt end 10ft + long, straight, mostly hazel also some ash and willow 75p each

If you would like more information about our products or would like to place an order, please contact us.

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