Handmade Herefordshire Wood Products

Garden Buildings and Structures

Greenwood Arbours, Arches, Pergolas and Garden Rooms are bespoke items.   We design build and install each structure according to your specifications.  Prices are worked out accordingly.

We are running a survey about our timber buildings we would be very grateful if you would fill it in here Thank you

 Cleft chestnut gates and fencing

gates and fencingCleft chestnut gate hurdles and garden gates.

Woven hazel panels and continuous woven fencing.


Hazel Panels start at £4.50/sq ft

Woven Hazel Fencing starts at £5/ sq ft

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Handmade hazel, willow & chestnut plant supports

Woven pyramid plant supportsPyramid Plant Supports are made from local hazel beanpoles.  They are fantastic for growing runner beans, french beans and sweet peas.

They cost between £15 and £45 depending on the size required.



Moreton Wood Biochar soil improver  – a sack of pure 100% pyrolised wood
– £12.50 ( approx 4kg)
SPECIAL OFFER: Buy a trailer load for your garden or for your allotment to share
– £100
See our Biochar Information Sheet

 BBQ charcoal

Barbeque BBQ Charcoal

BBQ Charcoal costs £8 per bag.

We make high quality barbecue charcoal here in the woods with the timber that is taken out as part of our management for wildlife and conservation.

All our charcoal is handmade, by ourselves, using only hardwoods.
We do not add any chemicals to our charcoal. So our charcoal enhances the flavour of your food as well as being easy to light.
We grade the charcoal once it is made to ensure only the highest quality is selected for sale.

You can buy our charcoal at these places (or direct from us):

Legges of Bromyard
Heggies of Hereford
Quarry Farm Shop, Leominster
Newtown Cross Garage on the A417
Say it with Wood
Saffrons Cross Garage, Bodenham
Organic and Wholefoods, Leominster
West End Stores Fownhope
Myriad Organics, Ludlow

Handmade greenwood furniture

greenwood furniture

Greenwood chairs and stools made traditionally to order.

Cedar Bark and Wych Elm Bark

Cedar Bark

Cedar Bark and Wych Elm Bark are harvested from coppiced trees by hand in the summer when the sap is up. It’s coiled and dried.  Coils are of different lengths according to the length and nature of the tree felled. Each coil is measured and notched according to length.  A chair needs about 25 – 30 metres to weave a seat. Cedar bark is naturally rot resistant but requires slightly more care on weaving than Wych Elm.  They both make beautiful and strong woven seating for indoor chairs.

Wych Elm Bark – £1.75 / m plus p and p

Cedar Bark – £1.50 / m plus p and p

Chair seat weaving

Beautiful woven rush, danish cord or bark seating. Quotes based on individual chairs.

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Traditional Pimps

traditional pimps - kindling bundlesHandmade by Paul Morton using locally sourced wood a “Pimp” contains 25 individual bundles of kindling, each tightly bound with tarred string.

Each bundle provides enough heat to start your fire whether you are using coal or logs. The birch is cut and seasoned for a year.

They are a traditional, handmade product that was in great demand in the past. Many skilled coppice workers were employed to produce them.

Pimps are beautiful objects as well as very useful. Customers love the look of them beside their fireplace or stove particularly at Christmas time.

Beanpoles, Hedging stakes, Pea Sticks and Progs

Hedging Stakes – 75p each
Binders- 75p each
Beanpoles (min 8ft) – 85p each
Peasticks – 30p each
All coppiced from Moreton Wood

Paul and Jo Morton, Moreton Wood, Ullingswick, Herefordshire.

07920 851 674     |    jo@moretonwood.co.uk

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